Manage Your Contractors Safely and Efficiently

TACI is a portable & scalable computerised access control system to manage security and data of contractors during plant turnaround or construction.

Primary used on temporary basis to cater high-count of contractors inflow into processing plant during shutdown, turnaround, construction works.

Has been used by PETRONAS (MALAYSIA) since 2009.

System Feature

Hybrid smartcard reader to read multiple smartcard protocols

Example: PETRONAS staff’s card, contractor’s NIOSH/OGSP card, MIFARE card, Proximity Card

Centralized Database

Portable system. Can be located anywhere

Modular. Sizing based on client requirement

Fast deployment

24 x 7 operation

System Module

  • Contractor Biodata
  • Contractor’s ID Card Preparation
  • Realtime Event
  • Wanted/Blacklisted
  • Contractor Image Display
  • Report
    • Manpower Loading (by Company/ by Position / by Name)
    • Manpower Planning vs. Actual
    • Manpower Planning vs. Actual (untally)
    • Manpower Productivity
    • Realtime Headcount Summary
    • Contractors Fatigue Report (by Day / by Hours)
    • Contractor Age Summary (DOSH)

Benefit to Operator / Main Contractor

  • Cost saving on contractors administration.
  • Managing large number of workers easier. Worker’s entrance authorization, movement and timesheet is automatically processed and recorded.
  • Ensure all contractors entering the plant/work site meet HSE requirement (eq. valid OGSP, valid Safety Briefing, Fatigue).
  • Built in contractor’s ID preparation. reduce tedious administrative works.
  • Contractors historical performance record.
  • Reports can be customized to meet HSE, HR, Operation and Finance requirement (submission via email).

Benefit to Contractor / Sub Contractor

  • Cost saving on contractors administration. Workers attendance will be submitted via email (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Fatigue report will be submitted via email (daily). Assits manpower planning.
  • Centralized database. Avoid staff pitching (if required).

Contractor Register Offline

Data for Registration :

  • Contractor’s Biodata
  • NIOSH/OGSP Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Work Information (Company & Position)
  • Medical Check-Up Information
  • HSE Induction Information
  • Competency Training information
  • Craft Information
  • Work Experience
  • Non-Compliance Record

Contractor Register Online

Data for Registration :

  • Contractor self register
  • Scan, attach and upload supporting document (JPEG/PDF)
  • Multi-tier approval
  • Only complete registration accepted
  • PDPA Compliance

Swing Gate Access Control

Petronas Penapisan Terengganu TurnAround 2019 is using our swing gate as their access control.

Cloud Service


Sensor Gate Access Control

Petronas Gas Processing Plant Berhad TurnAround 2019 is using our sensor gate as their access control.