e-Permit To Work

A Permit to Work (PTW) system provides a formal documented system to control potentially hazardous activities, and is an integral part of a safe system of work.

Historically, PTW systems have been paperbased. However, new technologies, such as e-PTW, are playing an ever increasing role in assisting organisations to achieve effective management of hazards, and delivering a step change in safety performance.

Benefits of e-PTW

Reduce human error

With automated ePTW, the human error can be reduced. For example, control on permit/certificate closing.

Increased of Security

ePTW using fingerprint for verification / approval. This will avoid fraud or malpractice.

Speed up searching process

To increase the searching process in order to have information about permit / certificate by query of date or RA name.

Data sharing and distribution easier and faster

ePTW is web based software. Thus, the data and information can be access easier and faster from any computer in the network.

Simple interface display and user friendly

Interface of ePTW is simple display. This feature gives convenience to user in order to operate.

Safe space to kept information

All permits / certificates kept in the server for easy future queries.

e-PTW Systems

Petronas Chemicals LDPE is using our e-PTW Systems to manage their daily permit-to-work.